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What is the Graham Central Railroad (GCRR)?

The GCRR is an actual railroad with real tracks, real locomotives, and passenger cars you can ride on. They are just a lot smaller than the real railroads but big enough for both kids and adults to ride.


The distance between the rails is 7 ¼ inches which is referred to as the gauge.  The scale is 1.5


The whole project started in the spring of 2022 after the track, locomotives, and passenger cars (called Rolling Stock) were purchased from the Amherst Railway Society in Palmer, MA. In June 2022, Steve Graham and the Railroad Construction Crew planed out the path of the railroad and started work on the right-of-way after the land had been cleared of debris and overgrowth.


In July 2022, track panels (each10ft long) were laid out and connected. By the second week of August 2022, testing was started on the tracks. By Labor Day Weekend, the GCRR was able to open for public rides.


In mid-October 2022, the planning for the Phase-2 loop, also known as the Sturtevant Loop, was well under way and track panels were being laid out to get the path of the new area figured out. By mid-November 2022, the track panels were all in place and testing ensued to prepare the new track for its opening in Spring 2023.


Here are some of the key facts about the railroad and the tracks:

  • The track is Aluminum Stock Rail with Steel Switch Points and Hand and Electric Switch Control

  • The length of the Phase-1 loop is 615ft, with Phase-2 adding an additional 735ft

  • 30 ties are used on average for every 10ft of rail. That's a grand total of approximately 4,050 ties!

  • The Stone Ballast is 3/4 gravel. A total of 135yds were used for the track (90yds for Phase-1, and 45yds for Phase-2)

Take a Look at Our Locomotives, and Passenger Cars

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